Green Cabinet

This project focuses on Schout Heynricstraat public square in the neighborhood Noord

of Rotterdam which contains beautiful greenery, a playground, a communal garden,

benches, and parking lots. It is particularly going to work on a cabin and garden next

to it, a project called De Schout (initiated by Floris Visser with the support of Stad in

de Maak and Gebiedscommissie Noord).

The project aims to turn this tiny cabin (and its garden) into the smallest public (open)

art space of the Rotterdam, called De Groene Kabinet (The Green Cabin).

At the heart of this project is creating a welcoming and vibrant art space which engages

the neighborhood, especially the young people, children, women, and elderly

through indoor and outdoor activities guided by invited artists and young professionals

working in the field of art and culture. We would like the space to function as a

connection between the neighborhood residents (or citizens of the city in general) and

a sphere of art and culture that comes right to their neighbourhood square.

IMG_7877UntitledContainer picboneir container [Converted]Green Cabinet++

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